School Science Packs
School Science Packs
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School Science Packs

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Our Science Pack contains:

  • Dry Ice Pellets (Solid CO2, 9mm Pellet Diameter)
  • Insulated gloves
  • Dry Ice Scoop

Price includes insulated polystyrene storage box.


How Long Does Dry Ice Last?
Dry ice has a relatively short shelf-life; with small quantities like 3.5kg you lose about 33% of the dry ice per 24 hours due to sublimation (dry ice slowly turning from a solid to a gas) so we recommend using your dry ice on either the day of delivery or the day after. With larger 8kg-10kg quantities you lose approx 25% per 24 hours.

How Do I Store Dry Ice?
Don’t put dry ice into a freezer, keep it in the storage box it’s delivered in with the lid secured, and place that box in a well-ventilated area. Never store dry ice in airtight containers; dry ice slowly turns from a solid to a gas which could cause a build-up of pressure.

Do You Deliver And Is Collection Possible?
We offer next-day delivery Tuesday through to Friday nationwide. You can pre-order online up to two weeks in advance. We have collection locations in Santry in Dublin (D17 V672), Little Island in Cork (T45 RK26), and Portarlington in Laois (R32 XR7Y). Orders must be placed online prior to collection.