Online Dry Ice Safety Awareness Training
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Online Dry Ice Safety Awareness Training

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Use dry ice in the workplace? Ensure that your team are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need. In preparation for your QA and H&S Audits, this online course gives you and your people a clear understanding of best-practices for handling, storing, and transporting dry ice. This online Dry Ice Safety Awareness Training course is delivered via Moodle and takes approximately 1.5 hours. The course is self-led to allow the learner to work at their own pace, and contains the following modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Dry Ice
Lesson 1: Properties of dry ice
Lesson 2: Proper handling and use of dry ice
Lesson 3: Proper storage of dry ice
Lesson 4: Disposal of dry ice and packaging

Module 2: Transportation of Dry Ice
Lesson 1: Transportation and dispatch of dry ice
Lesson 2: Packing instructions for dispatch by air
Lesson 3: Dispatch by air of biological materials using dry ice as a refrigerant

Module 3: Dry Ice Health & Safety
Lesson 1: Risk Assessments
Lesson 2: Hazard Identification and Control
Lesson 3: Calculating the oxygen level in a room after a spillage of dry ice
Lesson 4: General precautions and First Aid

If you would like to know more about this course, please email or call +353 (0)57 862 3860 and select line 3 for general enquiries.

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Please note this course does not provide certified Dangerous Goods Training – this course focuses on Dry Ice Safety Awareness, how to handle, store, and transport dry ice according to best-practice guidelines.