Chillisticks (12pk)
Chillisticks (12pk)
Chillisticks (12pk)
Polar Ice Ltd.

Chillisticks (12pk)

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Featured on Newstalk’s ‘Down To Business with Bobby Kerr’ and RTE’s ‘Open for Business’ series.

Chillisticks allow dry ice to be safely used in drinks and cocktails thanks to the patented safety valve and our food grade dry ice.

How Does It Work?
The Chillistick is filled with dry ice and then lowered into drinks when it immediately starts to bubble, creating a thick water fog; the white fog is composed of tiny droplets of water – just like mists formed in nature. The mist spreads the odour of the drink so that you smell the drink before you taste it!

Pack Contents
One pack includes 12 x Chillisticks. This product does not include dry ice - the dry ice must be added to your cart separately. The smallest quantity of dry ice available on the store is 3.5kg – perfect for ChilliStick use.

Product Dimensions
18cm length (base to be submerged in liquid – approx 8 cm submerged).

How Many Chillisticks Should I Buy?
The quantity of chillisticks and dry ice required depends on the size of the event you are catering for. For large events, usually 100 plus chillisticks are required, but should not be ordered with less than 10kg of dry ice. If you require more information please call 057 862 3860 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements for your planned event.